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Stitch count, explained!

Our pricing is based off of stitch count so the lower the stitch count the more money you save! Typically our lower end stitch embroidery orders are text only, outlined logos, or small logos like the one pictured above.

Most of our customers come to us with orders under a medium stitch range. The design will generally be a combination of text and a logo with all or some filled in with stitches (depending on the size you want).

Our higher stitch count orders tend to be a design totally filled with stitches, and are much larger than our other categories. Keep in mind that the higher the stitch count the more the job will cost!

Not many come into a price/stitch range that is terribly large and when they do it’s generally a full front or back design. If your design is big and embroidery this large doesn’t fall into your budget.. consider a screen printed job as an alternative! More screen printing info here.