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Price Factors
Everything that goes into printing your designs (making the artwork, the screens, printing time, clean up, etc) is split into the cost of each shirt. So the more you order the less your per item cost will be! The above pricing chart is a good way to utilize the quantity price breaks we offer.
-Colors in Artwork:
The ink in your design is applied to the garment with a silk screen and each color will need it’s own screen. Making the screens is the longest step in our process; which is why the price goes up the more colors you need. To keep this cost lower try to limit the colors in your final design to be screen printed.
-Type of Garment:
Because we sell the apparel at our cost we try not to discount the garments even at higher quantities, so buying cheaper is the way to go here! There are almost endless choices when it comes to what you can screen print on. In our catalog you’ll find shirts ranging from $2-$50 — if you need any guidance finding something in your price range please don’t hesitate to ask.
-Color of Garment:
Printing on anything that isn’t white or very light will fall under the next level for pricing (example: if you need 100 shirts with 2 colors of ink it will now be under the 3 color price bracket). The reason for this is we have to print a white underlying layer and then your colors on top, using another screen in the process. If you’re wanting to stay cheap stick to white fabric.
Vector Image
It’s helpful to have your design already in vector format, but many don’t know what that is! To simplify it: a vector design means the design was made in a program like Adobe Illustrator; a program which uses mathematical algorithms to define lines/curves. These algorithms allow the design to scale as large or as small as you like without losing the crisp edges.

Working with vector designs in screen printing is necessary. If you don’t have the .AI file there are a couple things you can do:
– First you can try to contact the person with the files. Students that want their team’s logo on a jacket might try contacting an administrator for the original design files.
– You could look online for a high quality photo of what you want screen printed. Large images are usually better to work with, as long as the lines aren’t pixelated! There will be a $50 fee for vectorizing said image, so having the vector already is a way to save.
– When you can’t find an image, the image is very low quality, or you just sketched an idea on paper we’re here to help. We can redesign ideas/images so that it meets the screen printing standards. Depending on how much help you need, or what you already have to work with, design consultation ranges from $50-$200.